So many bracelets, so many occasions,what to do?

Going to a ‘festival or special event’ and getting the best clothes and seeing ourselves with the best convictions is the best thing we can do.So here are some important points to keep in mind.

Do you want to complement your look every time this season? Start knowing more about bracelets!

You can wear them during the day, at the beach, at a celebration, dinner or for even a night out – there are so many occasions that are calling you out. But, there is a slight problem! There are so many bracelets and so many occasions – it’s “which bracelet to wear” part that is a dilemma for many women out there.

So, you have an abundance of bracelet options such as chains, charms, bangles, leather, cuffs, gemstone, cord, and cultured pearls.  Here is how you can wear them depending on the occasion:


Most of the women that are doing traditional office jobs, they have to look presentable and polished.  So if you wear a full suit and heels or even something that is business casual, you would definitely want your look to be perfect. For office work, you do not need to cover your both wrists with bracelets – one bracelet would suffice.  You should also keep it simple: a single bangle. A diamond tennis bracelet or you can choose thin chain with a gemstone. You should keep in mind that you must wear something that won’t get in your way while you are working.


During weekends, it is time to do shopping and have a great time with friends.  You can bring fun flair to whatever the weekend has in store for you.  It is time to show your style and you can stack your favorite bracelets to give a new look to your personality. You need to make sure that when you stack your favorite bracelets, you need to vary the weights and shapes of them and remember that your unifying theme should be metal color. It is imperative to understand that using too much variety may look messy. If you like wearing jeans on weekends then a stack of bangles on your wrist would complete your look.


If you have a special date, then a combination of a black dress with a metallic bracelet would look stunning on you. You can have a captivating impact on your date and even everyone around you by wearing a delicate black dress with a simple silver or gold bracelet.


The weekends provide you that great opportunity to bring the new delight to your bracelet game. You can try mixing it up by combining styles, leather wraps, gemstone and what not. Since you would be hitting the dance floor, it is recommended that you go with diamonds bracelet or various shining metals. You can try jeans with a silk blouse and a diamond tennis bracelet.


You should focus on a statement look if you are going to a special occasion.  You can go with a glamorous cuff that has a large color gemstone (the color should complement your dress), a string of pearls and even a stack of tennis bracelets. You can choose a Victorian style or burnished metal – these two can easily complement your luxurious dress.


Well, it’s time to experiment. Chop-chop!


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